Monday, May 13, 2013

First Mother's Day

I think I'm gonna look forward to Mother's Day even more from now on;)
My first one was a blast...full of time with my man and lil guy.

Ryan surprised me with a sweet Pandora Bracelet with three charms! I love that I [he;)] can keep adding to it over the years! If you can't tell, the first charm is a family/love charm, the second is a married couple [us], and the third is a chubby little girl [haha]. I love it! 
 After church, we went out for some Mexican at Plaza Mexico-one of my favorite restaurants in Storm Lake.
Yum! like I said, Mother's Day is gonna be fun from here on out;)

Afterwards, with full bellies and sleepy eyes, Ryan and I got some stuff ready for our lil girl.
I did more laundry for her consisting of bibs and little blankies, and Ryan put together her dresser/changer table. I loooove the changer/dresser that we picked out. It's really heavy wood and quality stuff! Lots of room in the drawers and it's a beautiful color. Ryan did a great job putting it together and I've been itching to organize the drawers with all her stuff. 
 Alexio didn't like all these random pieces of wood and the box surrounding his pillow, toys, and blankets. In fact, he spent most of the time Ryan was assembling this, pouting next to me and scared of the pieces.

 Here it is in the room! As you can see, we've still got some decorating and adding to do to the room...but this is what we've got so far and it's getting me excited! Soon, a little girl will be living here!!!!!
Mother's Day was full of time together, having fun and working together on stuff for Baby BB.
It'll be such fun next year when we can celebrate with Baby:)

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Melissa Blake said...

What a beautiful bracelet!! xoxo

p.s. cute blog, btw!