Saturday, June 15, 2013

When I turned 26...

My birthday was a really really really great day with Ryan. 
I think knowing that our time with just the two of us is limited, so getting an entire day of me and him time was so special and fun.
I'm naturally up early in the mornings, but on my birthday, Ryan woke up early with me and we made a bakery run with Alexio! It was so fun to see my husband early in the morning awake and out and about with me and the lil guy:). I'd been wanting a glazed donut (too much Cake Boss on TLC and pics of national donut day), so Ryan thought we needed to make a run to the bakery:).

oh and here i am at 39 weeks. my feet don't fit in any other shoe except for my rainbow flip flops...they're so swollen.
for lunch, we went to a new place in Sioux City called Mr. Stirfry. It was great! all you can eat sushi and chinese food and a hibachi grill...we really enjoyed it. 

we then went's always fun during special occasions and Ryan says, "you should buy it!" over and over again;) Lol. I wasn't exactly in the clothes shopping mood though, mainly because everything i'd want to try on doesn't fit, so it was pointless to buy clothes...buuuuut, i did find a bunch of stuff that I liked for Baby! and did most of my birthday shopping for stuff for was fun:)

I think we had a theme of "pregnant woman craving" for my birthday...I really just wanted to eat the things that I had been thinking about during pregnancy...but couldn't get to in my town! I'd been thinking about the Mango Habanero wings for a while, and we loved sitting down and discussing the sports while chowing down on wings.

The day was really just a great day of spending time together. just the two of us...with no interruptions. I loved that. It was the best just getting to be with Ryan all day long from morning to evening and get to talk, hangout and eat. I think for me, I just really needed that time with him before our lives change and it won't be the two of us anymore. Oh, please don't get me wrong, we are sooooo pumped and excited to add on to our family our little girl! But it was such a gift to spend a full day away from everything with my husband. I was so blessed with the gift of time (and food and shopping;)) with him. 

So there ya go. 
It was my 26th birthday and I enjoyed it more than words could say.
So much, that the next day, I wished I could rewind and get that day again with Ryan:)
Now, on to waiting for our little girl's birthday!!!

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Jessica said...

Happy belated Birthday! Glad you had a great time with you and your hubby! also nice that you added things to baby girl's wardrobe! so excited for you guys!