Tuesday, June 4, 2013

while waiting for a baby to come, you can:

-put your little boy dog in big boy underwear...
 -drink some red raspberry tea on the recommendation that it speeds up going into labor

- read a good book on your kindle late into the night

- stare at your belly hoping to see a little foot or hand when Baby is squirming around

-cut up lots of fruit to make fruit salads...and eat a bunch of it while cutting it up

- put all your attention into your dog, because he's the only other one home during the day, and it gets lonely with no one else to talk to

- call your mom, sister, husband, and anyone else who'll answer your calls during the day (actually, my family members are the only ones i call...i'm not much of a phone person, and with them i can talk about the most random and senseless things)

- make sure your toe nails are looking cute, so in case you go into labor, you've got cute toes to stare at while pushing

- shave legs, armpits, and whatever else so that in case you go into labor, you're ready to go

- eat lots of spicy food, because after baby is born and your nursing, spicy food isn't an option 
(by the way, this pic is of tacos from the new mexican restaurant Los Aguaves...very very very yummy place for authentic mexican food...yum!)

-use your swollen body as an excuse to sit down on the couch with your feet elevated and read a book or blog

- clean out the fridge, car, closets, and whatever else needs to be decluttered.

- go on lots of walks with lil boy dog, because both of you need the exercise and he's really cute when he's excited to be outside and running beside you

- get excited about the idea of visiting with friends and seeing people...and then realizing you'd have to pick something out of your closet to wear; and everything is uncomfortably tight and it's easier to stay home in the loose athletic apparel than dressing up

-look forward to when cute hubby comes home from work for lunch or the end of the day...and stare at him with a goofy grin because you're so happy he's home and you can talk with him!:)

Baby's due date isn't for another two weeks, but she's welcome to come whenever she'd like! 
It's nice getting to sit back and relax right now while waiting for her to make her way out into the world, but boy am I excited to meet her! Can't wait to see her beautiful little face and hear her cries!

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