Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddies are the best...

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world:)

My daddy showed my sisters and I what a godly man looks like.
He showed us what it means to put family first, to prioritize time with his wife and kids, and how to value each moment we have together.
He loves the Lord wholeheartedly...and has been used in so many different avenues of ministry...he has a heart for discipling men and showing them what it means to love the Lord.

 thanks for loving mom the way that you do. Thanks for how you put her first, and valued time with her, and then with us.
Thank you for your sacrifices for our family; how you provided for us and took such good care of us...from birth til graduation from gave me my college education! 
Thank you for all the family nights we had together...the games we'd play, the movies we'd watch, and the fun things we'd do-Family Nights were the best.
Thanks for consistently leading our family spiritually...I love that every evening we had our family devotions and our weekly memory verses that we had to family will one day do the same things!
Daddy, I can't wait for you to meet the one to make you a Lolo...
My kid is so blessed that my daddy is going to be her Lolo. 
She'll get to see how much your daughters adore you...and she'll adore you too!
Cuz you're the best dad in the world...

 Now to my husband, who is going to be a first time daddy in hopefully the next week...
You're going to be an amazing daddy.
You are the first man in our little girl's life and she will adore you more than anyone else in this world.
All little girls want to be protected, loved, and cherished by a man, and you are the one that will do that in her life-and i know confidently what a great job you'll do to let her know she is protected, loved, and cherished.
Our little girl is going to love you, want to be with you and like you, and probably follow you around. (I know I did with my daddy!)
I can't wait to see you as a daddy and to see you fall in love with our little girl! 
I don't even mind that I'll have to share you;)
I love you, Ryan!

(and Alexio loves his daddy're his best buddy ever!:))

(and to Ryan's daddy in heaven...Thank you for the man you taught your son to be. He's an incredible man and husband...and I'm so thankful he had a wonderful dad for 19 years to teach and love him.)

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Ginger said...

Very sweet, Kristine.