Monday, June 3, 2013

random Preggo thoughts

[he's grown alot, we don't have to lift him up to drink anymore!:) also, he doesn't touch the spout...good boy;)]
 [I've read three books in the last 4 days of summer break...getting all the reading in that I can!:)]

- this week is the Marathon to Marathon, now, don't freak out;) i'm not running in it-but Ryan is! and you can check out his page as he and many others are raising support for the youth ministry in our community! Ryan Brandenberger's marathon page

-Fruit has consistently been showing up as part of our meals because they are finally coming out perfect and tasty!

- i guess you could say I'm nesting...or I'm bored. Either way, I'm getting alot of household work done as I've got all this free time now.

-my routine is wack, because I've been staying up late reading and can't seem to stop at a decent time! It's nice not having to set an alarm clock, but my body has an internal clock and usually gets me up between 7 and 8 anyways.

- many people are giving me tips on how to get Baby to want to meet us sooner...and let's just say there are some fun and interesting suggestions that I'll be trying out!

- I love researching about things before I buy, and the main item that I've been looking into are cloth diapers. I'm pumped! Not only are they the cutest bottoms ever (heck yes, you can bet my lil one will be wearing only a diaper around the's so cute!), but they are cost efficient and eco friendly. You can literally save thousands of dollars using cloth diapers!

-my little sister graduated from highschool this past weekend (ilene's post on ashley's graduation)- and I wasn't able to make it:( But i'll get to see her in like 2 weeks, so it's okay!:) Can't believe she's graduated and old enough for college...she's heading to Moody Bible Institute this fall!

- I cracked up at the grocery store today when i was holding up a watermelon and the cashier looked at me, looked at the watermelon, and then looked at my belly, back to the watermelon, and back to me...and said, "WOW. you are all baby!" I guess seeing so much roundness at the same time is pretty funny.

-my crock pot has been working overtime compensating for my lack of desire to want to cook...but i've found some pretty fun recipes and we've enjoyed a few different kinds of meals:)

- I'm itching to get back to the arms are turning into wings with extra flabation going on there...i've lost all my muscle tone, so i'm gonna have lots of work to do this summer to lose baby weight and gain back muscle.

-i'm currently sitting in my kitchen facing the window and blogging, watching my husband mowing the lawn...and let me tell you, he's quite a hot sight to see. something about his gym shorts, white tshirt, and  manual labor that's really attractive;)

- I think alot about the worst possible times to go into labor: while Ryan's running the marathon, while he's preaching on Sunday in front of the congregation, when I'm out by myself on a walk, while I'm in the shower, when I'm not wearing make up...just kidding;) 

-my birthday is coming up in a week...and i really hope she's not born on my birthday (is that mean?) I really enjoy how Ryan celebrates my birthday and spoils me, and I kinda don't want to share it...she can be born anytime before my birthday or after, that way, she can have her OWN day of spoiling and special treats:)

aaaand, these are just a few of my random thoughts while i'm puttering the house getting things done. 

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