Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lil ninja is a...

a lil girl!
so, we've known for the past 10 weeks what Baby BB is...and I had a great idea of how to blog about our baby girl...but I had no one to take our gender reveal pic! And since I just want to burst about  Baby BB being a girl, and I'm tired of waiting to take a pic when the time is convenient, I'm just gonna blog it with her 20 week ultrasound!:) 

We shared her gender reveal with our parents by sending them gifts and waiting for a reaction:) They were the very first to know and after that we shared it with everyone else. 
After they found out, 
I made some cake balls to bring to work with me and let my co workers go at it, guessing and taking a bite to find out the gender. (however, most of them are on a diet kick and pinched the balls or cut them in half to find out what color was on the inside;))

My older sister, Ilene, is the creator of Much Love, Illy and she makes lots of really fun accessories for women and lil girls, and I wrote this email from our little girl to her auntie:

We told Ryan's sister, Katie, like this:

Alexio's pretty pumped with all the fun baby things that keep coming home with me. These shoes were my first purchase ever for lil girl...I know, i know, they're blue, but they're a sparkly aqua blue with sequins, and i LOVE them...I'm also not a huge fan of the color baby pink...I like bold, bright, happy colors over the pastels. 

And I haven't been too great with recording my weight gain and tummy roundness through the past few weeks, except on my iPhone, and usually my family is the only one that receives the pics, but here I am at 28/29 weeks...I feel like a humpback whale...with the hump on the front..and in the purple dress i wore for Easter...well, let's say "Barney is a dinosaur" kept popping up in my head as I regrettably went through the day wearing this outfit.

 This little girl is growing and so quickly! I'm learning alot as I carry her and get bigger...
I am noticing the foods that she likes and, she may be like her daddy when it comes to spicy food...she seems to THRASH around inside and punch and kick me from the inside as if saying, "MOM!!!! HOW COULD YOU EAT THAT WITH ME IN HERE?!" 
She's pretty feisty already...I like watching my belly moving and I imagine what she may be doing, thinking, or saying at that moment.

I've lost my personal bubble at work...I really don't have one any more and I'm okay with it. You kinda get used to people touching your belly, as they hope that they get kicked at just the time that the baby is kicking. One day, I had three fourth graders surround my belly trying to get the baby to kick them.
My second graders talk to my belly as if she's already here and will hug her and pat her and hope for a kick.
 The kids are amazed with the growth of my belly and for some reason, are just noticing that I'm getting bigger in the belly area...When they ask if I"m prego, I just say, "Don't eat junk food and make sure you excercise...otherwise you may end up with a huge belly like this..."
Then I watch their eyes widen, and I laugh and tell them that yes, I am pregnant.

I'm getting excited as the weeks are getting closer. Her name is a secret to the world, but Ryan and I talk about her by name, and pray for her by name, and I get so nervous that I'm going to slip and tell someone on accident. 

Baby girl, we get to meet you in 11 short weeks! 
I can't wait to hold and kiss you and see your face!
(I also can't wait to see your daddy with a little girl in his arms...I hear that's quite an attractive look;))


aubrey said...

Congrats to both of you. My son just turned a month old and my daughter is 8. They grow so fast. You both will be great parents. Much love and God Bless

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

Bahahaha! I cracked up about the spicy foods and how you imagine her getting mad about it, but evenmore excited that you finally announced it! Yay! Looooooved this post and your pictures!

Cannot believe its only 11 weeks away! :)

Anonymous said...

I just can't stop smiling when I read you writing about your baby...and when I see this pictures!! I am so happy for you two. You are such a special couple who God's using in beautiful ways. I'm just thrilled that you are experiencing your own family and all the love and beauty that comes with it. My kids were talking today about what "Mrs. BB is going to name her baby" ;) It's a typical topic around here!! We just can't decide if your baby will have dark/light hair, dark/light eyes... Lillian wonders about that a great deal. ;)
Take care!