Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dia del nino

I wanted to share with you in pictures, a really awesome day that's celebrated in Mexico, but was brought alive here in Storm Lake today.
"Kid's Day..." I heard all about it from the kiddos at school.
But man, it was celebrated in such a big way at our friend's place in a trailer park.
It was such a FUN time, where not only the neighborhood got together to play games, eat, and do fun things, but many people from the community came together to make this event happen.
It was the coolest little carnival and many families and people came out to enjoy the evening here!
There wasn't a shortage of really fun games...like the ball in the cup,

bobbing for apples,
 the lollipop game,

Sack races and obstacle courses,

 Pin the tail on the beaver,
 Ring toss,
 Face painting,

 Putt putt golf,

 Oreo in the mouth,
 Truth tent,

 and so many other games and activities!!!!
There were so many sweet faces that I wanted to capture the pure bliss that were displayed on not only the kids' faces, but the adults as well.

 the pinata was a highlight of the evening.
I believe Dominique, the woman running the show had the most dangerous job of the night...
crowd control during the piñata and controlling the number of hits that these ambitious kids were attempting.
 of course there was a foolproof way of keeping the pinata up;)  
nothing like two men in high places holding up a swinging piñata that's being hit with full force!f

 the ice cream shop was a unique way to spend the tickets that the kids all won...i think some of the adults were trying to figure out ways to get tickets to claim some ice cream as well;)

 The food was really yummy too!
Turkey dogs and sticky rice with really awesome spicy sauce to go on top.
I love spicy food, and I even hung around the water jugs to refill my cup because it was really really spicy! so yummy!

 This bingo game was really fun. 
I tried my luck in it a few times and learned some spanish words along the way.
The lady running the show cracked me up-she was so enthusiastic and was speeding through the cards...I almost couldn't keep up with the spanish words!

Oh and probably THE highlight of the night was the pie in the face contest.
Through the evening, the kids could fill these jars with tickets and at the end of the night whomever got the most tickets in the jar, got a pie in their face. 
 the kids were all about Renato and Nellie getting pie in their face!

 Turns out Nellie got the most tickets in her jar...
it all went so fast and kids were darting in front of me to get a piece of the action, so i didn't get very good shots of the pie going into Nellie's face.
But I think you'll get the gist of it, even with all the fast action blurriness in the pictures.

 And here are the ones responsible for such a fun filled night at their place.
They brought together so many people from all over to celebrate kids day, and I'd say, all the kids must have felt very "celebrated" as they got to do it in one of the most fun ways possible!:)

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Dominique said...

Thanks for capturing this wonderful day!!! It was an awesome event for everyone <3