Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not old, just aged;) He's 30!

My sweet man.
you're 30! (not that you needed any reminders of that...but look at you;) you wear your age well.)
I wish the day could be spending lounging around with you, eating, talking, and doing things together. If it were up to me, we'd be on a beach somewhere south, just the two of us, sipping yummy cold drinks and laying in the sun.
But since we're both needing to be at work today, those plans just couldn't happen. so sorry.;)
Here are thirty reasons of why you're the world to me!

1.  You work so hard at both your jobs of being a pastor and teaching at the college. Thanks for providing!
2. Your love for sports
3. The way you say, "thank for the dinner, babe! Good dinner!" even when there are onions or vegetables that you hate;)
4. the way you look in a baseball cap
5. Your calves when you run
6. Your laugh
7. Your love for anime, as nerdy as it is.
8. How you play with our puppy...he adores you.
9. The way you make me feel secure and protected.
10. Your determination to run the marathon this year.
11. Your love for teaching others
12. Your generosity towards others...especially to our families!
13. The way you spoil the ladies in your and all the women in our family;)
14. Your back rubs and leg rubs are the best
15. You are the best smelling man ever...i love snuggling beside you.
16. Your willingness to drive when we travel...cuz I can't stay awake long enough to save our lives.
17. Your love for sweets...makes baking fun and satisfying
18. You are so thoughtful in gifts and how you choose to give things or do things for others
19. The way you take care of finances and do a great job with providing for our family
20. Your pouty face when you're losing at a game of Settlers of Catan...but also your cocky face when you're winning;)
21. The country boy that lives inside of you
22. Your love for history, culture, theology, and all those things I don't really get, but love that you appreciate and enjoy these things
23. Your a brain...I still can't believe how smart you are! You're just so bright and intelligent...I hope our child gets your brains;)
24. You give the greatest hugs and kisses...can't get enough from you:)
25. Those memories we have together of when you pursued me in our college days...and how persistent you were...and here we are with our first child on the way!
26. Your eyes when you smile...I hope our little ones has your hazel eyes.
27. Your concern and love for me and our home and family. You make sure we're doing well before anything else
28. Your ability to work hard at whatever you're doing, whether it's at your job or working hard or working are a hard worker.
29. How you make me get silly and snuggly when you're waking up in the're just so cute;)
30. How this year, you'll be a daddy to our little one...and I'm so thankful our kids will have you for a daddy!
[written on March 1st...his actual birthday]

We didn't get to really celebrate Ryan birthday on the actual day, because we were both working and booked solid from 6 AM to 1 AM that night. We did get to have a few little festivities, like waking him up with gifts and cards from others (my gift still has not yet arrived!) and giving him a goody bag of treats for him to eat throughout the day. I made my first chocolate cake from scratch (which looks like a 3 year old decorated it), and quickly jabbed candles on it to hide the poor decor job on it. It was fun getting to celebrate with some of the kids that night with the cake and ice cream.

I started off Saturday with some of Ryan's favorite treats-mini monkey bread bites.
We found out our dog loves these treats too...Alexio stayed very close to me the entire time i was baking and preparing these gooey treats.

Later that evening, we went to Sioux City to walk around th mall and do some birthday shopping and then had dinner at Red Lobster...
Soooo much food.
The trip home was difficult for the both of us because we were both so full and so sleepy.
But boy was everything sooooo delicious.

The Ultimate Lobster feast was AH-MAZ-ING...

we came home with some goodies for Ryan and we're pumped to play this expansion for Catan...I'm ready for some competitive play!

And his last request was to have peach cobbler, so I'd spent the afternoon making a peach was yummy and when served warm with ice cream was fabulous.

Happy 30th birthday, Ryan! 
I love you so much! 

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