Saturday, April 6, 2013

bright colors, teeny socks, and lil girl things!

You know that feeling when your heart is filled with so much thankfulness, you're not quite sure how to let it all out and how to express it? 
Today, I felt thankful. Blessed. and just utterly blown away.
A few of my friends from work threw me a baby shower and it was a 100 times over what I had ever expected.
The decorations were so stinkin' cute, the breakfast food was incredible, and the company was amazing! 
I couldn't believe the thought, planning, and effort that went into this baby shower.

Now, is this not the cutest diaper cake ever? 
It's sitting in front of me as I type and as I was working on thank you notes earlier today (it's set up right now on the dining room table cuz i really like staring at it) and I keep grinning at the colors, smiling animal faces, and teeny shoes and socks. Amazing, isn't it?
OOoh, ooh, and in addition to the yummy treats that were set up on the table, we had some REALLY good breakfast casserole...two different ones, and I totally enjoyed both. It was all so good and well thought out!
I haven't opened presents in front of people since I was like ten years old...and i honestly felt giddy and excited to unwrap each item! Every gift I opened up was like reality hitting me again and again that this lil girl is coming soon! Can't believe it! 
We recieved sooooo many cute outfits, toys, and accessories for this lil girl. Can I say again how thankful I am? 

So many of my co workers! Thank you for coming!!!!
Love the ladies I work with.
 Here are the ladies that I work closely with: The ELL team;) 
 and here I am with the shower planning committee...applause to them for throwing such an amazing shower! They were the brains and talents of this event! 
 and this here is some of the 4th grade recess duty ladies...we look like we're throwing gang signs, but we're actually throwing up a number 4...stating that we have almost survived and conquered the 4th graders at recess this year;)
and here is a closeup of the tile that was made by Trish...She's going to add Baby BB's name to it after she's born! is that not the coolest thing ever?? Such a great idea and more creative than anything I could ever had imagined. 
I got home after the shower and Ryan helped me unload the car...
it was like getting the presents all over again as I unwrapped them and unpacked them from the gift boxes and showed everything to Ryan.
He was blown away too...we kinda stood there and stared at everything and can't believe the generosity of everyone. We're just words to express it.
I was encouraged and felt so supported by everyone that showed up...I couldn't believe how many women showed up!
we never thought anyone would throw us a baby shower- we were just gonna wing this whole baby thing!
But God used this time to remind us of his faithfulness and provision. 

So thankful for those that I work with...Thankful for the giving hearts and for sacrificing their saturday off of work to be a part of the shower! 
Yay for little girls! This lil one has yet to find out how blessed and loved she already is!


Ginger said...

Just lovely

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you def deserve this, sis! what a creative and fun group of ladies! i am soooooo happy for you and esp excited for baby bb! she's already getting spoiled like crazy, isn't she?!