Monday, April 22, 2013

My tamagotchi died today...

I've spent the last couple days in my house, coughing, sneezing, and trying to get over this nasty cold and cough that I think I got from standing outside in the rain during the after school curb duty.
Now, being preggo, I can't take anything to speed up the process, so it's kinda sucked the past couple days just waiting for this to pass. 
I would do anything for a sore throat lozenge or a good dose of nyquil. 
So, as I sit at home with the dog, here are my recent activities besides blowing my nose, coughing, and trying hard to breathe:

I used to have ten of these when I was a kid...
I don't know how I kept up with ten tamagotchi's...this one on my phone needs so much attention, and obviously has been neglected because he turned out to be really ugly.
and sadly, he died this evening and I had to restart the app.
I was kinda glad to be honest...I wanted to start anew. 
I've been trying to write all my thank you notes for the past baby showers.
I got distracted by alexio's really sharp nails...we just trimmed them, but they had jagged edges, so I went ahead and sanded them down today...Here are some battle wounds from his nails.
 I tried to air out the house of all my germs by opening up the screens on the doors...which was great today because it rained and the air was fresh and crisp. Alexio enjoyed sitting in front of the glass door and let every runner and/or car know that he was watching them. I think he missed his daddy today...he was probably bummed that he had to be home with his sick momma today.

 and of course, anytime I'm laying down, this is usually my view.
He's a real snuggler:)
He seems to be a momma's boy, always laying right next to me, or sitting on top of me...
he likes to settle right in between my legs or on top of the blanket i'm under, and rest his face on my belly.
By the time Baby is born, he should be well acquainted with her, because i'm pretty sure she's already kicked his face while he was laying on her.
Don't get me wrong, I love being home. 
It's my favorite place to be.
But when I"m sick and home, I kinda go stir crazy and want an instant recovery so I can get back to life. 
I get lonely too, so I'm really glad for Alexio...and then we're both so happy when Ryan comes home. 

I've chugged two gallons of orange juice, used 3 large boxes of puffs tissues, and have tried everything to soothe my throat...I'm ready to be done.
Especially since I'm creating a bright red mustache underneath my nose where it's getting rubbed raw from blowing so much.

Lol, oh well. I'm thankful that I CAN rest.
I'm thankful for the rain and the coziness of the house while i was laying around and watching Hart of Dixie
I'm thankful for Alexio and how he kept me company and snuggled with me-even though he stares at me every time I honk into a tissue...if he was a person, it'd be kinda awkward.
I'm thankful for a husband that faced the snow this evening, because I finished off my tissue box and needed a new box and more juice. 
I'm just thankful even though I can't breathe, my chest and throat hurt from all the coughing, and my nose is raw from blowing.

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