Sunday, April 21, 2013

Karen's prom-2012

Karen's been a dear friend of ours since we moved to Storm Lake.
This year, she is a junior and got to go to her first prom!
I got to spend the day with her as she got ready and prepped for her prom.
I was feeling pretty cruddy the night before with a sore throat and headaches, and the beginnings of a cold, but didn't want to miss out on her day of getting ready.

Early afternoon, we ran around town getting her hair done, running around town for last minute things for the evening, and grabbing lunch and coffee...yum! she wanted me to try the one foot burrito at Mi, talk about a HUGE burrito. That one burrito fed both me and Ryan AND I had leftovers for the next was deeeeelicious. made me think of a burrito off of Diners, Drivers, and Dives... just HUGE! 

Here are some pics of Karen before the Grand March, which is a really cool thing the high school does here. The students and their dates get the chance to walk a runway with their dates or friends and show off their dresses and tuxes. It was really really fun for both Ryan and I to watch-we knew quite a few of the students and got to see them all decked out and looking spiffy.
 Here we are waiting. He's so cute:)

Karen went with a group of friends.Here they are walking the runway.

 After the Grand March, we snagged Karen to take pics of her looking beautiful in her dress!:)
 I Love these pics...I think Ryan looks so good and Karen is stunning!
These are some of my favorites.

Ryan, karen, and her friend, Vanessa. 
 I felt like a huge pregnant woman next to the two of these ladies all dressed up.
 and me and our favorite girl, Karen:)
 Awkward "family" photo. hahaha....

 It was a fun day getting Karen ready. 
I was so excited about her going, and could hardly contain myself!
I also kept thinking about how fun it'll be to get our lil girl ready for something like this one day...I kept tearing up thinking about what that'd be like! 

I lasted all day feeling good, until we sat down during the Grand March, and my cold finally caught up to me. I think it's from standing outside in the freezing rain and snow this past week...
I'm just glad it waited until after we got Karen to prom! Now I'm sitting at home with my tissue box, orange juice, and hot tea and honey...I don't think I've ever wanted a cough drop for my throat as much as I do now! (Pregnancy keeps me from that wish.)

Karen's so dear to us, and we were so glad to get to share this special time with her! 
Can't wait for next year's senior prom!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loooved this post. looks like all of you had so much fun! karen looks stunning. :)