Sunday, April 14, 2013

She's already blessed...

I'm going to have a daughter...
a lil girl.
We get to raise her to love the Lord and be a woman.
And I got the privilege to celebrate her life with all these women!
WOW...I can't believe all they had done for this shower...
What a blessed little girl! Not even born yet, and she's being showered with love, affection, and many sweet gifts!

Look at these blocks and bib and touch blanket...custom made with the colors that I want for her room! teal, chevron, and orange and gray! I LOVE these items...she will too!
The decor was so cute and absolutely perfect...the color theme was right on and they payed close attention to what I like! look at these sweeeet cake balls.

As the women kept coming in, it started to hit me how many people God has placed in our lives. 
And they were all gathering in one place...women from all different parts of my life...and Ryan's life! It was really encouraging, and I can't believe they all came to support us! I'm so thankful and humbled by it
It was really cool visiting and eating with everyone.
After the visiting and eating, Jill had everyone introduce themselves...I am still amazed when I think back about that...and all these women who are in our lives, both Ryan's and myself, from all different, leadership committees, neighbors, church, etc...God's placed many amazing women in our lives.
And when they prayed for me...for my husband, and our little girl...our little family - my heart filled with so much joy. 
Anne shared a poem that she had written a few years back, about raising her kids, and her life as a mom; it made my mind race into the years of raising this little one and others after her, and the moments when I remember and acknowledge that God has given me lives to care for, love, and raise.
and when she played the song, "My Daughter's Eyes," I can't tell you how much I already love this little girl that I have yet to meet, as I felt her kicking and squirming around while the song played.
Baby got sooooo many fun things from everyone! 
Adorable clothes,
room decor...
it was SOOOO fun. 
I feel like everyone made such an effort to get things that I like - brightly colored everything! And the patterns were right on! 
The girls were such a big help. When I unwrapped a gift, they took the gifts, neatly folded the tissue paper, and placed the cards back with the gifts so they could be identified. The older ladies from my church kept talking about the kids that were so good at helping!
Nellie, the photographer of the event, captured these pictures perfectly. 
While I was opening up this gift bag, I was distracted with the colorful blocks, bib, and blanket, that I didn't see the ladies dragging out these big boxes. I was SO you can see on my face...hahahaha. When I flipped through the pictures, I cracked up as I saw the pics in sequential order...from them dragging out the boxes, to my stunned face. I couldn't (and still can't) believe they got me the stroller and carrier!
These two girlies helped out alot during the shower, and then came home with me afterwards and helped me organize the gifts in the baby's room. The older one, Gracie, already told me that if I ever need help when the baby's here, that I can steal her away and she can help out. I might have to take her up on that offer and train her to be our babysitter in a few years!:) 
Here are some fun pics of the three prego ladies...we're all due within the same two weeks...Stacy (with the stripes) is due first, then Ali (with the dress), and then myself. We're all having girls, so it's safe to say, we'll be having some fun playdates in the future:)
and here are the wonderful women responsible for such an AMAZING shower...Ryan had seen glimpses of what the shower would be like and heard about it as some of these ladies did some planning at meetings he was at, and he'd come home excited (I know, right?! He was EXCITED!) about the shower! He wouldn't ever tell me anything that was going on, except that I kept getting huge grins and hearing how awesome it would be, because the pictures looked amazing.
Needless to say, he was more than right about it. 
It was such an outrageously encouraging time, a spiritual time of reflecting about the life that's inside of me, and just such a fun time being around these and all the other women that came! I am still giddy thinking about the shower, and the support and encouragement that just came along with it...for both Ryan AND I.

Huge thank you to these ladies and their giving hearts, loving spirit, and the time and effort they put into planning this shower! I can't express how blessed I was by it! and it was so fun!!!
Oh, little girl, look at all the people who already love you and are in your life! 
You may just be loved to pieces when you make your appearance in June!
So thankful for everyone that showed up and showered us with their love!


Anonymous said...

It was such a good morning - all so beautiful. I can't wait to hold your little girl and help give her baths! :) You're right - she's so loved. Her parents are pretty special too!
Anne D.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaawwww, these pictures are incredible! i am so happy for you, sis. :)