Saturday, September 8, 2012

morning glory, hallelujah.

I like those days that I can lounge in my pajamas for as long as I want.
And even though I can't seem to sleep in because my body has an internal early alarm clock, my most favorite weekend thing to do is to bring my coffee, breakfast, and laptop to bed with him and stay in bed as long as I want.
but...Ever since we got our foster son and puppy, this beautiful weekend image, rarely happens.

This morning with no kids in the house,
I made my coffee and happily brought it back to bed with me, ignoring Alexio's whine to get our of his crate. (naw, i'm not cruel, i just know my puppy that well. he hears anyone awake and he thinks he needs to be playing with that person ASAP. he calmed himself down after a couple minutes.)

I stayed in bed til 9:30 watching four episodes of Beverly HIlls Nannies and loved snuggling down in my blanket and pillows and wiggling my toes around in the sheets.
Coffee is best on Saturday morning.
I like taking my time drinking it. 
and crunching down on my vanilla almond special k cereal with a banana....yum.
and all in bed!
it's the best. 

Went on a really long walk with Alexio and Ryan...he's been trained to drink from the water if i were ya'll, i wouldn't ever put my lips on the water fountain in the park. 
don't do it.
 We were pretty pumped to explore this area in the Discovery Center of Little Storm Lake...
Oddly enough, it made me feel at a tiny bit of the marsh in South Carolina...
until you look out yonder and you see the fields and windmills in the distance.
I tried not to look too far out.

 Now this thing was a blast to visit.
I was that kid that loved everything related to forts.
tree forts, forts in my closet, forts made with blankets and chairs, forts under tables. 
and this watch tower really made me feel like a kid wanting to hide out in in with a sling shots and some shiny pebbles.

Who would have thought that this would be right across the street from our street! it's completely hidden by a woody area with paths in it.

The rest of the day was spent eating a big greasy cheesy burrito at a mexican restaruant we hadn't been to in like a year (so it was FABULOUS), grocery shopping (together! we never get to do that!), and watching football in the living.
oh and it's the first official day that Alexio can join us in the living room.
He's beyond excited.
He's always on close surveillance to make sure he isn't chewing anything he shouldn't.

it was a treat of a day, gettng to spend some one on one time with ryan and alexio.
wish we had  more days like today.

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Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

what a cute little puppy! and I sooo wish I could get coffee and go back to bed. ha! my relaxing in bed with coffee is usually at night when baby is in bed. I'll take what I can get! ha.