Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Laborless labor day weekend.

Labor Day weekend was really quiet in the BB household.
Grounded child equals cancelled plans.
It also meant a really really quiet weekend.

That we totally soaked up and enjoyed!
I felt like being domestic and made 2 dozen 100% whole wheat cinnamon rolls...
ding ding. our tastebuds were ringing the sweet tooth alarm all weekend with these sitting there all glazed and gooey.
We finished them off in just three days...between the three of us.
yeah, yeah, i did some extra miles on my run to burn these babies off!
We played with this little fella, as he ran and roamed around his territory, aka, the kitchen area, nicely gated, but he's figured out the side of the fence that gets loose quicker and has made a few jail run attempts.
I did some menu planning.
I love organizing my meals and knowing what exactly i'm going to be cooking and which day of the week i'll be making it.
my favorite part is going to the grocery store and getting all the ingredients.

one day i want one of those menu chalkboards that I can mount on the wall and fill in each week.
For now, I just use my handy dandy free from our bank notepad to hold the menu for the week;).
In honor of labor day, since we couldn't go anywhere (cuz of the grounded one's restrictions) ryan and I did a little partying of our own.
Ryan grilled, I made sides, and Alexio raced around and around our yard.
Ryan makes the BEST steaks.EVER. 
they are seriously the best red meat I've ever placed in my mouth.
Talk about making tastebuds dance and go crazy.
These steaks do this to me.

After our grilling and our meal with the grounded one, 
we had a Bourne trilogy movie watching marathon...well, over three nights.
I have a really difficult time staying awake when it gets close to 8:30...
I tried so hard, but normally i end up falling over and passing out til my bedtime at 10:15.

So that was our truly exciting weekend.
I loved being home with Ryan and Alexio.
It was a great start to fall.
Can't wait! September and October hold such exciting things for us!

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lindsay said...

Your weekend sounds so fun and relaxing! And those meals look so tasty too!