Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dinner for two

It's been such a chill weekend. 
Just me, my hubby, and a rambunctious little pup.
I did some reading, hubby did some football watching, and the pup did some sleeping:)

here's the my view from the floor with my blanket and book.
 Lazy afternoon for Alexio.
 In the evening, we found ourselves grilling steaks in the backyard, enjoying the gorgeous warm October wheather, and watching the trees turn into fall colors.
 Can I brag for a second about Ryan's steaks? 
They're the best I have EVER had.
Even better than those you find in steak houses-we tried MANY of them.
He's just got some talent with his flavoring and grilling. 
OOoooh, baby...this family really really likes grilled red meat.
With a few different sides of veggies, fruit, and wheat rolls, our weekend meals with each other are so yummy...courtesy of my hubs;)

Besides some light baking, cleaning, and snuggling, our weekend has been really relaxing and chill.
I looooove that! 
Ryan and I are finding ourselves with more time together and it's been amazing how refreshed we feel and re energized for the week ahead.

On Sundays, i seem to find myself reminscing over the weekend, and life when my day doesn't start at 4:30 AM. 
But then I live my week, and happily welcome the next weekend...
it's just a going cycle:)
Here's to October! 
I have so many plans of fall activities and fall baking and cooking recipes. 
So pumped that it's fall and it's so warm and beautiful out! 

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