Saturday, September 22, 2012

Storm Lake Homecoming

One thing I can't get over about living in such a small town is how they celebrate events...homecoming seems to be as big a deal here as the superbowl.

the entire town is a part of it, the kids get out of school early, and the whole town has a part of the parade and game. 
The kids in town are so pumped on homecoming day as they all come out with their green hair, Tornado tattoos, and beads that show their school spirit.
Never have i ever been a part of such a spirited town as storm lake.

 Ryan and I went out to support the BVU float that held very enthusiastic 4th graders and two teachers that always seem to have a fun approach to teaching and activities.
I know this, because our 9 year old comes home each day from his class at school knowing what he learned from science, math, social studies, and whatever else they seem to be learning about that day. 
He came back from the parade wanting green hair and tattoes.


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