Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alexio Brandenberger - Graduate of 2012

Yep, you read that correctly.
My puppy boy graduated from training school.
He's a different dog after going to school the last 6's incredible.

Walks are amazing, as this little one can keep up for 3 or 4 miles each walk...sometimes, both morning and night! Ryan and I are both seeing our dream dog coming out of, spunky, and very mischievous! (sometimes more than we'd like! )

He's still chewing everything he can get his little teeth on, but hopefully for not too much longer-I started noticing his baby teeth wiggling back and forth and his big teeth are coming in!(I had no idea dogs lost teeth like humans do!)

But right now, he's got all these little gaps on his gums from his cute little missing teeth. The thing is, i don't know where they all hopefully he either swallowed them or lost them outside, because the thought of teeny little teeth just laying around the house grosses me out!

 Each dog had to perform what they can do, individually.
Alexio knows ALL his commands really well when he's training with me or in class, but during graduation when he has to perform to impress?
what's that i smell?
are they all looking at me?
i wanna smell their butts.
daddy's over there.
where is that pretty girl that i played with?
yeah, he pretty much turned into a dunce during his performance and an ADHD one at that...

Alexio is VERY popular with the ladies at training school and in our neighborhood. Not sure why he always loves the girl dogs that are double or triple his size, but those are the gals that adoooore him.
he's also pretty popular with the owners, which is funny because they don't see his naughty hyper active side...everyone things he's so refined and calm.

This here is Lucy Raveling and Pency playing with Alexio. They both wanted a piece of him.
 Here's Daisy, Alexio's favorite neighborhood walking dog...she always walks by our house.
 And i don't know this beautiful ones name, but Alexio tried to play with him and he stood there all mature and one day alexio will be that cool.;)
 And of course, after every graduation, you've gotta celebrate with your family! 
So we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and Alexio was beyond thrilled to have a whole cone to himself.

Anywhoos, after this seemingly obsessive puppy crazy post, I'll close.
Have a great rest of the week!
Now go hug a puppy.

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