Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school campout

While Ryan's away camping with the pastors, we've been doing a little campout of our own.
It's also the last night to enjoy late night fun, because from here on out, we're back to our school schedule of early bedtimes and early rising! 
So, we had pizza, junk food, pop, and popcorn while watching movie after movie. (All things that rarely make an appearance in this calorie-counting home.) Both lil guy and I had really good hard workouts (football for him, strength training at the gym for me!) so we felt like we could enjoy one last night of celebration for summer.
We've both set up camp in the living room and fell asleep to a marathon of Pair of Kings on netflix.

here we are the morning after-he's still sleeping and enjoying his last morning of sleeping past 7.
Both of us are pretty pumped to go back and see the kiddos and teachers at school, but we're both trying to hang on to the little bit of summer freedom that we have left.

Here's to a brand new school year, fresh fall weather, and early mornings! 
So thankful for the summer and the many things we got to do!