Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love 'em snowdays

Snow days are the best.
They're like those days that God gives you the gift to stop, cancel all your plans, and spend the day resting with those you love:). 

feet up. cuddle blanket in tow. reading whole books.
watching movies. playing video games. grading papers on my own time and enjoying reading the board games. drinking coffee
laying on many pillows. snuggling with my man
kissing him lots of times throughout the day. praying over many things-and taking my time doing it.

wearing snow boots and jumping in the snow. reading devotionals. planning ahead.

Ah. snow days are my favorites.

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Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

I love snow days, too! I live in the south so those snow days are far and few between! It is so funny because our entire town shuts down if we are even anticipating snow! :)