Thursday, February 24, 2011


president's day was spent in Omaha at the zoo. We brought two of our favorite peoples with us!
there are SO many pics that i have from the entire day, i'll have to break it up into two blog posts.

these pics are from only ONE part of the zoo. this is the jungle was really really sweet. really felt like you were in a jungle!

we found this boy lost in the woods-isn't he cute?;)
this is like the one pic that my husband and i took together the entire day. I don't trust too many people with my camera.

 the animals could actually land on you if you were at the right spot at the right time.  like this kid on the vine. 

the butterfly room was the place i was dreading. these butterflys were flying around freely, eating fruit, and looking delicate. i felt like i was going to step on them. and their creepy little legs were nasty on my hand.


well, more pics to come. 

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