Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zao kids in February

hello, February!
Zaokids is growing...kinda rapidly too. So much so, that if you are free on thursday night, we would love to have YOU join us. We're in need of lifeblock teachers for March as we have close to 60 kids in this program and are in need of more teachers for lifeskills...something to think about:)

here are only a FEW of the Life Blocks that we are offering this month! We're missing pictures from our really sweet Buena Vista University Science Lifeblock, Wrestling, and Pottery life blocks. 

Here is our BAKING lifeblock, taught by Ms. Tammy. This week they baked 90 cupcakes last zao to share with everyone.

 the 5th and 6th grade girls have been making shirts for their upcoming dance performance.:)

the lego life block is challenging their minds to think creatively. It's really cool seeing the things that they come up with. You can find these guys also playing Hide and Seek in their spare time:)

This new dance group is a Praise and Worship team. they are SOOOO cute when they are practicing. Especially with our new friends from Burma. Sweet, sweet kids.

 Here is a really neat life block that is challenging the kids in their reading. Reading ALIVE gives the kids a way to enhance their reading and act it out. 

and of course, dinner time. SUCH a blessing watching people from different churches and places coming in and preparing, providing, and serving food to our Zaokids. It's a blessing to see them blessed but also to see these kids blessed by going home with a full tummy.

God is great in how he provides. We do need prayer for the kids as we try to invest in each one individually, as well as food provision and life block help. We're trying to incorporate more homework time, but it can be difficult with limited help. 

Please serve with us by praying or emailing me at krisacg{at}gmail{dot}com. 

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