Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i had such a treat today that i thought i would share it with you. 
I got to spend some time after work with this special lil girl!
this is gracie

we went out for a special girls day for burger king (her choice!:) ) and some games. 
we played Guess who...

ate some chicken goodies... (which I asked her if she wanted to play and eat at the same time, and by golly, what a cool kid. she wanted to eat first and TALK...and then play! wow! so we proceeded to talk about what we liked to watch and which clifford and arthur characters we liked best.

 we played both guess who and memory...we each one a game. this girl has GREAT memory...i proved myself old once i played memory again.

it was such fun and oh so special. I can see the values her parents have instilled in her. I love how she just giggled the entire afternoon through. She was a great sport, even when I teased her saying that if i beat her in Memory, she would have to run through burger king, waving her hands above her hand saying, "SHEEEEE WONNNNN!!!!!" 
She just laughed at my request. 
she had no worries though. I didn't beat her.

Jay and Anne, you are raising such a lovely young lady here. 
 Thanks for sharing her with me for the afternoon! I had a blast with her!

p.s. dear gracie, I need a rematch of memory;) I think I can beat you next time!!! 

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Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

You seem SO great with kids!!! And can I just say that Burger King has the best chicken nuggets, hands down! :)