Friday, February 25, 2011

coming true!

[a tiger and her cub playing hide and pounce at the zoo-it was crazy cute!]

so guess what? 

I think God places dreams and desires in the hearts of people; cuz for as long as aI can remember, I've wanted to get involved in orphaned kids. This past week, we applied for our first foster license. A long strenuous journey of classes and training is ahead of us, but we are really looking forward to it! 


JJ Blandford said...

What incredibly exciting news!
You and Ryan will be such a light and encouragement to whomever God places in your home. I am so impressed with the way you both allow God to use you to further His kingdom. We can't wait to see you both this summer!

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

That is sooo great! Congratulations and good luck!

gglaser said...

Kristine, this excites me so so much! Foster care is something so dear to my heart and I love that you all are opening your hearts and home to it. You will be great foster parents and I can't wait to hear of how God uses you all in this journey!