Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy 28th birthday sweet man!

this man is so dreamy...
and it's his birthday.
So if you see him 'round the town,
make sure you give him a shout out;)

He doesn't like his birthday to be made a big deal.
But of course, I can't help but make it a huge deal. 
So make sure you give him a great big shout out,
as he celebrates another great year!

I love this man. If I haven't introduced you to him yet, let me tell you a little bit about him.

Ryan BB:

  1. gives the best hugs and kisses
  2. likes games
  3. loves sweets, especially chocolates and cakes and candies...guess that sums it all up?;)
  4. is so playful-we can have so much fun just playing together!
  5. very very very competitive
  6. has lots of KU (Kansas University) pride 
  7. wears flannel plaid pajamas sometimes
  8. hates vegetables
  9. is snuggly when he's sleeping
  10. is so fun to shop with-one of the best people that i can go with
  11. my best friend
  12. so stinkin smart, it's kinda disturbing. 
  13. has two masters degrees in very difficult degrees...(he's just so so so brilliant).
  14. So goodlooking.
  15. Has the best scruffy boy look.
  16. understanding and patient (dude, he's married to me! he has to be;))
  17. is such a servant. I could go on and on with examples of how incredible he is at serving others.
  18. will bend over backwards for someone, especially when it is someone that he loves and cares for
  19. is a great son to his mom and is a fabulous brother to his sister-hope my sons in the future will be just like him.
  20. very attractive-i still have a HUGE crush on him!!
  21. godly man-i respect and admire him so much for the way he preaches and teaches God's word and lives it out.
  22. so loving to others even outside his family-he really shows he cares
  23. is funny when he gets hyper and crazy
  24. really great at staying awake to drive on long long long car rides-while i sleep soundly in the seat next to him.
  25. so trustworthy
  26. a growing pastor-so proud of him
  27. considerate in many ways
  28. he's the guy that i'm so in love with! 
Met this man 6 years ago! It's so special thinking back to our early days of dating those years and now being together. I am so blessed to see my husband and be able to dream of the life we are living and will be living together for the rest of our lives:). 

[happy birthday, my man!]


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN!!!!! wish you guys were here so we could all celebrate!!! hope kristine spoils you like crazy today :)

cute list, kristine!!!

Unworthy Mortal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! And I just love that he has the same birthday as Justin Bieber. Ha. (don't ask me how I know that :P)

Lhen aldave said...

hi ate Kristine, happy happy birthday to your man (kuya ryan).
God bless you both.