Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life as a photo album.

There are so many different instances in the day that I just can't get enough pictures of life.
Lux smiling this way. 
Lux looking that way.
Alexio getting stuck underneath Lux's passionate embrace.
Lux giggling.
Lux crawling.
Lux and daddy playing.
Lux exploring.
Selfie of me and Lux.
Selfie of me and Alexio.
Alexio playing.
Lux playing with Alexio.
Alexio running away from Lux.

you get the picture.
But sometimes, there are those moments that I desperately want to capture and freeze forever through the lens of my camera, but I stop myself, and remind myself, 
"Just enjoy."
"Just cherish the moment."
"Soak it in."
"If you go and look for your phone or your camera, this moment will be gone forever."

Like today.
I would have loved to capture the memory of laying on the floor with Lux on my belly...then lifting her in the air "flying" on my feet.
I land her back on my belly, and she's giggling uncontrollably.
She put her face closer and closer and closer to my face, until we're touching and looking straight into each other's eyes, grinning the entire time, and she's still giggling.
She affectionately gives me an open mouth kiss (the only kind she currently gives), 
and then promptly bites me on the nose, 
trapping the tip of my nose between her grown in bottom teeth, 
and the newly cut razor sharp two top teeth.
or those times that she lays her head on my chest, and my phone is miles away in the other room, and I can't take a picture.
I just want to eat up those moments, take lots of pictures, and then flip through them at night with Ryan when she's asleep.
I think it's good to remind myself to relish in the moment.
Don't disturb it, just to get a good pic to share.
Take a mental picture, lock it in your treasure chest, and cherish the memory, the feelings, the emotions of the moment.

 And then there are those other moments, that, well, you just can't pass up and you have to take a picture.

So enjoy those pictures, capture those sweet and hilarious moments...
but remember that sometimes,
 It's okay to just enjoy those times without a camera. 
Relish in it, soak it in, cherish it. 
Live in that very moment.

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Ginger said...

Beautiful! The last pic is so cute!