Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brand new perspective

We've extended her bedtime to be a little later, so after dinner, we ventured outside where she could explore.

I wonder if she's ever imagined anything so colorful as the world that God painted.
Everything that she's taking in, is brand new to this little one.
She's is amazed with the green beneath her feet, the rough trunk of the trees, the scratchiness of the grass when she crawls, and the smooth rocks and pebbles (that mommy pries out of her hands.)
I love thinking about what she might be seeing or thinking, 
because everything that she's taking in and processing, has never been felt, seen, smelled heard, or tasted before-its a new perspective. 

Wish I had that perspective more often.


Ashley said...

Love this Kristine!! How exciting each day must be!!

I need you and Ryan to have many more babies...because you make the cutest ones!

kBr said...

Lol, thanks Ashley!;) No worries, more cute babies to come in a couple years!;) haha.