Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Randoms


Enjoying going outside. Seriously, i don't think this weather could have come at a better time. We are all so thrilled to get to look at the gorgeous colors, breath the fresh air, run around, and play at the playground. Lux is amazed with all these brand new sights and sounds. We've been going on walks on the nice days, and each time she has just happily ridden along in her jogger while I ran with Alexio, and has fallen asleep each time, while clutching on tightly to her veggie straws. It's super fun because everything is all new to her and I can just see her brain processing everything that she's taking in. Summer is gonna be a blast with her. 

 Obsessed with Freshly Picked Moccasins for Lux. Seriously, I can't get enough of the mocs. I adore the look, the function, and the business of Freshly Picked. Also, the fact that I get to collaborate with them throughout this year to help spread the word about them, makes me all giddy and excited about what I have in store for my blog readers and your friends.  So heads up on some great things to come:) I'm pumped about it.

Missing our family. I long to see any of our family members, share Lux and Alexio with them, and do some belly laughing over dinner. I record so much of our day so that I can send an insane number of pictures to the family, so that they can connect with Lux and so she can spread that contagious joy she has, with them. We do a lot of face timing in our week so that she can know our family members that all live away from us. *sigh.*

Busy with spring de cluttering. In full speed. There's a sweet new Facebook page that allows people in our town to do online garage sale stuff, so I keep finding things that I want to get rid of and I post pics and sell that stuff. It's wonderful, cuz I get rid of stuff, but I also get some cash out of it. I've sold a ton of stuff and at the same time, cleaning my house of clutter and stuff we don't use anymore. (and on the other end, someone else is finding use in the stuff we don't need anymore:)). 
Loving days that my husband is home and we have nowhere to go and no plans. Those days are truly the best. Lux is beyond thrilled to have daddy all to herself and I love watching him love on her (and Alexio of course.) Daddy is her best bud. They play rough, but they play the most fun things together. He teaches her all the good stuff, like splashing, sticking out her tongue, speeding in her new car, making stuffed animals come to life,  looking for the best rocks, vrooming toy cars...and that's only an hour together. I fall in love with him more and more every time they have their little adventures together. My heart melts and I get all gooey and mushy about it. 
 Starting to run again....slowly, but surely, it's going to happen. I'm not a runner, but I've built myself up to run before, so i'm starting all over again. It's a mental game that takes a while for me to conquer, but it's my goal this spring to run the way I did before. I have a weird wall that I can't get past...if i stop anytime during my run, then my run is over. So running with Alexio made things...difficult. He likes to poop a little over a mile of running. And when i stop to pick up the poop,  I'm done running. I'll get past it, i promise!

Feeling so blessed with my little family and those that I get to spend time with. Thankful for meaningful and encouraging talks I've had this week. I love how one friend phrased it in a difficult situation, "However God writes this story..." Yes, yes, yes. It was a perfect way to say it. In both difficult and wonderful times, God writes our story. So thankful for the control He has over each of our lives. Thankful that He knows how to work on each of our hearts to draw us closer to Him. I loved that reminder. 

This past week has been a joy. 
Have a great week this next one coming up!

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