Saturday, April 5, 2014

leg warmers, baby muscles, and gabbing moms.

The gym could quickly become this kid's favorite place.
I think we may pursue that for her. 
We had a super fun playdate at the gymnastics center, where my friend, Stacy, works.
When she came up with the idea, both Lux and I were pumped, because, well, growing up, the gym was my second home.

Doesn't Lux look like an 80's jazzercise kid?;) 
(props to Bethany F. for terminology:-D)
And this is Annibelle. She's almost exactly one month older than Lux, so that makes them pretty compatible playmates! I think they're gonna run circles around each other as they get older!
 Lux was really interested in the balls that Annibelle brought along. They kept switching balls, and taking balls away from each other, and trying to keep them away from each other. it was so fun to watch.
Deep discussion about who should get the yellow ball.

 Annibelle's starting to take off! We did a lot of cheering and encouraging her to go, and after all her hard work, she took off the next day! (look at my child eating the ball.)
 Remember that pink ball that she kept chasing the big kids around at the class?
She got it.

 we built some steps, and they took turns climbing up. 

Hope you enjoyed this overload of little girlies, leg warmers, big grins, and cuteness.
It was really fun to see them crawl around together, and when they put their heads together, they looked like they were whispering and telling secrets. 
Gah, i love having a little girl!

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