Wednesday, September 25, 2013

and next for the little traveler was Kansas!

Lux had her first trip to Kansas to visit Grandma and Aunt Kate.
after two weeks home from our 3 week vacation, I wondered how she would travel this time around.
She did wonderfully again and fell asleep at the same time as her bedtime and stayed asleep til we got to Grandma's house at 11ish.

She was greeted with open arms and Aunt kate swooping her out of her carseat and into the house:)

While we were in Kansas, Ryan's mom went digging for some of his baby things.
This ski mask was daddy's when he was a kid! 
I stuffed her little head into it and she (un)happily wore it and was probably wondering why she was wearing it.

Lux seems to snooze really well when we're on vacation. She gets extra snuggly with whoever is holding her and falls asleep...
it's really pretty sweet.
You'll see numerous pics of her sleeping in this post. she was just so snuggly!
We took Lux to her first fair ever (and my first state fair).
It was SO fun.
Lux had such a big day with all the animals to see, people walking around, and noise.

The Brandenbergers are horse lovers.
All of them have grown up riding horses at a very young age, and the horse attractions are all their favorite things to see.
Of course, Daddy was thrilled to introduce the littlest Brandenberger to their love of horses.

look how she's listening to daddy and looking intently at all the horses riding around.
these daddy moments are the ones that make my heart swell with love for the both of them. 
they make me so happy when they're together.
We saw this miniature horse and Grandma asked the lady if Lux could sit on the horse.
we LOVE this picture.
Miniature person on a miniature horse.
This is how we're gonna get her started with riding.;)

Grandma took Lux into the petting zoo to see the exotic animals.
Lux isn't big enough to pet yet, but it was still fun pointing out the animals and watching everyone feed them.
Although, we did hear quite a few times, "SOOOO cute!!!!" and then turn to find the people staring at Lux and not at the animals...
Sorry ya'll...she's not part of the petting zoo...

Sooooo...I"m glad I only birthed one;)
This poor momma pig...
we met the runt of the litter, Wilbur.
this horse and tractor are made out of BUTTER.
Crazy, huh?
We took a lunch break and Grandma fed Lux her meal and we changed her into some warmer clothes.
After Lunch, I was persuaded to go on the Old Mill Ride, which was supposed to be a scary haunted boat ride.
I HATE haunted creepy things, but i was intrigued, and Ryan said all the "scary" things were mechanical stuff like dragons and skeletons and stuff like that.
So in we went on a boat.
and it was NOT all mechanical stuff in there.
There were real live people popping out to scare you.
and one even grabbed our boat so that we could't go anywhere.
and it was pitch black for most of the ride.
So you can understand that I screamed the entire way, grabbed and probably clawed Katie, and ended up on the floor of the boat, because I felt safer there.
Dont judge.
It was scary.
and I'm a wimp.

Lux fell asleep on grandma's shoulder while we were looking around at vendors booths.
I think this is a sweet picture of them:)
we each got some yummy fair treats before leaving.
I loved the roasted corn and Katie enjoyed some deep fried cookie dough. 

family photo!
Alexio loved seeing his aunt Kate. He's been feeling a tad bit neglected because everyone loves to hold and talk to his little sister, but aunt Kate always makes sure he's got some special attention and lots of cuddle time too.

Going to see her Great Grandma!

Four generation photo... Pretty cool that she got to meet her great grandma!

"Yo, this be my family!" Is what Lux seems to be saying. 
And then she wouldn't look at the Camera, instead she just couldn't stop staring at her funny aunt. 

Anyways,that concludes the trip to Kansas and Lux's travels. We had a great few days with our Brandenberger family, and Lux loved the attention, snuggles, and playtime with her Grandma and Aunt. It was really really sweet seeing her so loved and enjoyed.
For once in her life, she'll be staying in one place for a couple months where hopefully she can get into a nice routine. She's so adaptable and used to traveling that it shouldn't be too hard...should it? 
We had such a good time with family that it was really kinda difficult to leave and go back to our quiet lives, but we'll hopefully get to see everyone again really soon. 


Nicole Shea said...

That is awesome that she does so great traveling!! I hope Jack does too-we have an upcoming trip in November and a really long one in Dec! And girl, he only takes those long "make up" naps once in a while, and it's always after fighting the forty minute intruder. It's hard to know when to give up and when to keep trying to get him to go back to sleep! The whole sleeping through the night businesses has happened maybe four or five times, definitely not the past two nights though!!

jk said...

Kristine, your daughter is so stinkin' cute!! I can totally relate to your last few sentences. Graceanna was born right before the holidays and I think for the first 4 months of her life, the longest stretch we were home was 2 maybe 3 weeks. Fun times! Enjoy all the snuggles, even if it is in lieu of as nap in her bed.