Friday, September 6, 2013

the road trip to SC.

Roadtripping from Iowa to South Carolina with a 6 week old and a dog was an adventure.
But it actually went better than I had expected!
Apparently, this age is great for traveling, because all they want to do is sleep...and sleep she did. And so did I.:-D

about forty minutes after leaving our home early morning August 6th, I started wailing, "NOOOOOOO!!!! I forgot my camera!!!!!!!!"
I couldn't believe I left behind the memory capturer...what I was supposed to document Lux's every move and moment with my family.
Needless to say, I was bummed. But thankfully, with technology nowadays, I had my iphone that could still capture memories...just not as good quality as my SLR.
Oh well.
So, most of the pics that you see are from my phone.
and some may be ones I took from my sister.

Anyways, we went down to SC for my older sister's wedding reception.
you see, she got married to her hubs in December. 
They eloped to Hawaii (yeah, I know! Maui! amazing, right?!) and now were going to celebrate with close family and friends.

The roadtrip was fun...for me and Lux and the dog at least...Ryan drove the ENTIRE way...he's amazing. I get sleepy in the first couple hours that I drive.

here's lux as we're leaving in the morning.
i took her straight out of bed and into the carseat, which is why she's in her sweet little pajamas, all snug and ready to go!
 this is how i fed her through the whole trip...she'd only taken a bottle once or twice before, but turns out she's a pro at it;)
 further along in the day, she showed me her cute little toes.
 when she got fussy, i found this song on my iphone and played it close to her ear...and she'd stop crying instantly, and fall asleep!!! we tried other songs, but they didn't appeal to her the way this one does! we used it ALOT when we were traveling!
here she is her first morning after staying in a hotel...turns out, she likes it a lot! especially cuz she shared a bed with mommy!:)
 hahahaha, this pic cracks me up...she kinda looks like a little elf or gnome thats upset that i caught her!! or that may just be me and my crazy imagination.
 on the way to SC, we picked up Ilene, from her place in Atlanta.  she had fun getting a headstart from snuggling with Lux before the rest of the family.

 oh, and we did a little shopping before leaving Atlanta! i got my wedding reception dress at Dress Up boutique!
 ilene introduced us to her fave, Steak N Shake! and for someone who doesn't like fast food, i LOVED it!
 here she is again snuggling with lux and feeding her at a gas station:)
 and finally, two days of traveling later, we arrived in SC.
You should have seen the, it was fun bringing our little girl to my home!

Lolo and Lola were so happy to have Lux back in their arms!

 Oh, and we were there too;)

well, that was only the first two days of the three weeks trip. 
i'll be back to record the rest of the trip!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loved reading through this again and reliving this summer. man, it was such a good one, too!

Nicole Shea said...

Using a bottle for the road trip is such a good idea!! So bummed I missed the reception!

Jessica said...

beautiful photos!! so glad you had a great trip! and love the one of you and Lux screaming. haha. so great!