Sunday, September 15, 2013

Picture overload.

So my time blogging is few and far between.
My apologies.
I feel as if I"m playing catch up on blogs, so instead, I'm just gonna cram a bunch of pics in a blog post, and then after I get all those on my blog, I'll go back to regular specific posts:)

Here is one of my most favorite pictures ever.
My mom gave me the best gift ever while I was home-sleep.
When Lux would wake up at 6:45-7, mom was eager and excited to take her and enjoy her all to herself. she'd change her, play with her, feed her, and put her back down for a nap. And while she did that, I went back to bed and slept for a couple hours straight.
After three weeks of mom doing that, I got a little spoiled and once we returned home from SC, I missed those few extra hours of sleep mom let me have by taking care of Lux.

Lux met so many of our family friends whom I grew up with.
It was pretty cool introducing her to women who knew me when I was a wee little gal. 

Lux met our cousins, Patrick and Timmy!
Ash loves her niece so much that she was willing to change a POOPY diaper.
Ryan coached her through it;)
Here she is so proud that she changed her all by herself.
This was our party favor assembly line.
We made cute little bags with lindt chocolate for the wedding reception.
I did alot of taste testing to see if the chocolate was good enough to give...especially the white chocolate. definitely had to taste that one a few more times.
Patrick got on baby duty while we worked on party favors.

Here Lux is meeting her one and only Uncle Ryan.
He's pretty special, cuz well, she has no other uncles on either sides.

Gamboa sisters love to snuggle.
We always seemed to find out way back to mom and dad's bedroom and all snuggled and talked while Lux napped.
and we napped too;)
Ryan and I got a chance to go on a date for our 4th wedding anniversary!!!
We left Lux with my family, who were EAGER to babysit-it was great going on a date just the two of us and leaving Lux and Alexio is such loving hands. 

We went to Saltus and enjoyed some seafood at the waterfront park.

We brought the Butlers and Gamboas all together for dinner. Mom and Auntie Vangie cooked up a storm all day and we enjoyed the fruits of their labor with both families together.
It was a crazy fun loud time;)

Lux always found herself snuggled up by someone in the morning.
My parents or sisters would happily take her after she woke up cuz that's when she's just the cutest and happiest.
Setting up for the wedding reception.
both Ryans trying to prove a point that the backdrop for the photo booth was not tall enough.

The wedding reception was a BLAST.
We were so happy to celebrate Ryan and Ilene's wedding with family and friends and we had so much fun diong it.
Ale Grace and I were the guest book people...she had guest sign the pages and I'd snap their pics as they walked in.

Things got intense with couples musical chairs.
and the dancing was crazy fun. 

This is my favorite pic of the night.
Lux and her Lolo cuddling in the morning while her Daddy and puppy wrestled and played together.

Lux and I found ourselves in the nursing room during church, where she catnapped for the whole service.
hanging with the cousins, aunt and uncle.

My Aunt made a ton of sushi and we just ate and ate and ate until we could eat no more.
It was amazing....

Lux had so much excitement everyday that she'd zone out pretty quickly each night.

We always have a sister date early in the morning for a donut and coffee run.

One of the best pics EVER. Lolo and Lux watching early morning Sunday news in bed.

Annnd, we'll continue with the pic overload in the next post. 

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

one of my favorite posts yet! loooove all of these pictures. we had such a good summer, didn't we? *sigh* missing everybody!