Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lux and her travels AGAIN

continuing with the picture overload...
before leaving from SC, some of our dear family friends threw a together a get together where Lux was the guest of honor and showered her with sweet gifts and goodies.
She recieved so many fun things from the women that watched me grow up! it was really really sweet sharing my little girl with them!

 Here she is obviously excited about her new things;)
 Lux slept sooooo soundly on vacation.
and only woke once through the night...
don't know what we reverted back to three or more times of waking in the night when we got back to Iowa...
but anyways, she slept really well while we were on vacation.
 our last meal in Beaufort was AMAZING!
Haven't had fresh crabs since before i got married...
mom and dad spoiled us with such yummy food through out whole visit and topped it off with my favorite seafood on our last night.

 the next morning, bright and early, we headed to Chicago.
My whole family, dad, mom, ash, ilene, ryan, Lux, and both family dogs, roadtripped together to move my little sister to college at Moody Bible Institute. 
Here's lux strapped in and ready for her next long roadtrip.

My little sister road in the back with Lux for a few hours and thought Lux and her pacifier were hilarious...
 one of our pit stops.

 we were all so exhausted, especially ryan and dad, and had a dance party at the gas station, trying to wake up for the rest of the road trip. 23 hours of driving from SC...we arrived in Chicago. 
I don't think we'll ever do that drive again with a baby and two took way longer than it was supposed to.
 Lux LOVED sleeping in a queen size bed with mommy. 
Mommy loved it too;) we snuggled and snoozed happily together.
in the parking lot at moody.
Little sister's orientation! 
She's officially a Moody!:)

Opening up her door to her dorm room...
notice the random bunk in the lounge...

Ilene lived on the North side of the same floor that Ashley's on, so we snuck down the hallway to visit her old rooms;)

venturing out into the city that we love. 
Finding out parents on the street coming back from lunch and headed to a parents' meeting.
we went to one of our fave places - Panang...the best Thai food around with the best bubble tea lattes ever.

the view from Ashley's dorm room...lucky girl. 
I miss seeing the city when I look out the window.
Mom enjoyed having Lux to snuggle with in between the Parent activities.
Both Peyton and Alexio were overjoyed when we came back to the hotel to let them out to potty. Haha.
Parent's farewell ceremony...
everytime I'm back in that school, I'm reminded of the privilege of going to Moody Bible Institute.
Moody family...and mom photobombing the pic;)
Lux LOVED waking up in the hotel next to mommy. 
Mommy LOVED snuggling with Lux every night in the queen size bed.
Got to see Aunt Kate and spend the day with her! 
it was a rainy day, so we wrapped her up like a burrito...this kid never liked being swaddled, so she of course had to get a hand out.
cozy cozy rainy day at starbucks.

Lux and her three crazy aunties...(from ilene's camera)

later that day, we went there with Ash and my parents.
Lola and Lux like to laugh at each other.
lunch at one of my FAVORITE restaurants.

Lola got Lux a beret to go with her french bib. 
happy at the hotel again and ready for another great day in Chicago

visited aunt kate at her work!

squishy face.;)
Lux met an old friend of mine, Stephanie! Went to a sweet little coffeeshop and visited with her for a couple hours.

It was so neat getting to reunite with our families that we used to babysit for! Ilene and I each had our "family" and the two families are best buddies, so they came together to see us! 
It was so fun!
this was my boy during my four years of college...
he's all grown up now and in 7th grade!
and I got to meet his new little brother and sister, Baby Ryan and Kate!
Loved seeing this family again and introducing them to Lux and meeting the two new members of their family!

after 3 weeks, here's the last night with my family.
she visited them like 11 pm and was happy to snuggle and talk to Lolo, Lola, and Auntie Ilene before heading to bed.
hugging and snuggling with my lil bro, pey.
Saying bye to Auntie Ash before our roadtrip home.
this was before saying bye.
we weren't quite this smiley when saying bye...actually, we were crying pretty hard.
but that's what happens when baby sister goes to college.

anyways, that's the end of our wonderful whirlwind of 3 weeks with my family! 
We did everything from a wedding reception, to spending time with family, to road tripping, and moving Ashley into Moody and enjoying Chicago.

Lux is a seasoned traveler and her adventures don't even stop there! 
by this point, a third of her life was spent traveling and visiting family! she was SO good traveling and adapting to each new place and experience that we had.
So proud of her and her flexibility. 

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