Tuesday, July 5, 2011

parades, pupusas, and peoples.

4th of July happenings! 
The 4th of July is the biggest event in this small town of Iowa.
It's actually pretty fun with the many different activities and events that the town provides for the celebration of our country:).

Ryan and I rode on the Bridge float, holding the Afterschool program sign and singing along with the music. 
The Bridge float won the Admiral's float award for the Parade. 
It consisted of many of the Bridge Kids, Summer Sizzle (camp for tween girls) and Coordinators for the different programs within the Bridge.

after the partying down there at the parade, we walked around and did some things here and there and for dinner, ryan and i sat down for a Mexican meal of pupusas and some salad thing and spicy salsa. mmmm...yum.

fireworks happened on the 3rd of July, so Ryan and I went out to a friend's house to watch the fireworks on their dock. (which I accidently broke when I stepped onto the dock! I tell ya, I gotta start working out!!)
 It was a delightful time, but to be honest, the alchohol-flowing neighbors at the dock next to us had better fireworks because they were closer to us! 

Anyways, I really didn't get as many pics as I had planned to get over this parade weekend, but for now these will do:)
I am so proud to be an American. 
I am proud of those that serve our country, proud of my daddy and many others who have served for our freedom. I get emotional when i hear the National Anthem, the Navy or Marine anthem, and I envision the many events I have been at with American military soldiers that stand tall and proud during those songs.

Happy Independence Day, ya'll!

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