Saturday, July 9, 2011

"know why we're here? cuz my mommy and daddy are on a date!"

 Yep, this kinda made me heart melt from cuteness.

We had the joy of having four guests over at our place this lovely Friday evening. 
I must say, it was a different change of pace for Ryan and I, but boy, did we enjoy it!
Because of our lack of chairs at our dinner table, we set up an indoor picnic in our living room. 
It was fun setting up because I had the best lil helper that helped me set up our picnic on the blanket.
For dessert, we took a walk down to the park with our Fudgsicles, trying to lick our treats up before the hot sun melted it onto our fingers.
we played football, house, and a weird rendition of Hansel and Gretel, until one of them was "hunting in the woods for food," and I ran up behind him and accidentally made him burst into tears cuz he thought I was an actual "black bear that he was hunting."
So i gave him a hug while he sniffled, wiped his tears, and we headed back to our house to play a little wii, where he recovered from his black bear shock. 


 after playing, coloring, bey blading, etc, we settled down for a couple shows, Wallace and Gromit and Curious George, and the kids buried themselves under couch pillows and blankets.:)

thanks for the sweet fun, kiddos!
We loved having ya'll here!

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