Wednesday, July 27, 2011

17 years of coolness...

"Who's got two thumbs and is awesome???"
"This guy..."

Lol, that's right, Randy. 
We hear that saying alot in our home, especially when it comes to competition in games.

This guy brightens up our day with his strong will to take care of his siblings, his hard work ethic, and his big lovable grin.
We totally embarrassed him when the whole restaurant starting singing loudly to him while he walked in, the whole time sporting a 
"Yeah, i know i'm cool...or trying to be cool while everyone in this building is staring at me!" demeanor:)

taking a flawless pic of all four of them is quite impossible.
we took three attempts. 
oh, well:)

Happy 17th birthday, Randy!
We love and appreciate you so much!

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