Thursday, July 28, 2011

summer please don't end...

Introducing the newest part of the Brandenberger family.

We had an IKEA table for the past couple years.
 However, after about a year, the chairs became rocking chairs to the kids that came to our place...which resulted in cracked chair legs and kids falling to the floor when the chair broke under them.
as cute as the things are at Ikea, don't expect them to last.

We decided we wanted to buy quality.
We spent a pretty penny on this set, but it's a beautiful oak table that can eventually seat 8 comfortably!

We're going to invest in more chairs as paychecks come through, because for each chair, you could probably feed a small army for a couple weeks!:). 
well worth it though if it'll last foreva.
This'll be our forever table, because according to the furniture peeps, we're going to be handing this down to our grandchildren if they even want it many years from now!

at first, we both were kinda scared to eat on it, not wanting to leave any water marks or food dribbles on it.
but finally, we had our first meal together at the table.
It was lovely to sit and chat together at a real dining room table! 
I got all giddy thinking about our future of who might fill those empty seats across from us! 

Here's what's coming up in our lives:

  • Ryan and I finished our fostering classes and the last of our interviews this past week. We are officially done with the process; we should be licensed in August:) Parenthood, here we come:)
  • Mini vacation and "we survived the summer" celebreation for just Ryan and i...going to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of fun in Kansas City! Looking forward to some good quality "us" time. 
  • 2nd anniversary for the us is coming up! WOW! can't believe it's already been two years!
  • Our next goal is to find a house to rent: above ground and spacious enough for kids. We're looking, but storm lake really has no well kept houses that are up for rent. We're praying:)
  • School starts this month; am i ready to go back to work? Nope. But looking forward to seeing the kiddos again:)
  • Minneapolis, MN is calling our name the end of this month. My family will be there, which means, MALL OF AMERICA with the Gamboa girls will be AWESOME
  • After Minneapolis, my family will be visiting Storm Lake!!! First time for the entire family to come!! 
Lot's happening and each day, more things come up:)
Happy happy last few weeks of summer break!

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