Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kids Bible Camp 2011

90 kids.
16 counselors.
lol. yep. you're right.

can't say we were expecting that many. 
But that's what we got on the very first day.
it was a crazy crazy week and as we went through it i sometimes wasn't sure how we would make it to the end of the week.
but we did.
and GOD is GREAT.
ALWAYS SO WORTHY of our praise! 
not only did God bring these kids,
but He brought incredible high schoolers that are willing to be challenged to lead and take responsibilty.
I love that we had the privilege to give these high schoolers a chance to be leaders.

He brought BVU college students that are willing to be used by God by loving these kiddos.

and willing adults that put up with the noise level, crazy little people, and emotional highs and lows.:) 

it was a chaotic and exhausting week, but we pushed through and persevered through.

 this week with the kids was a blessing...
Thanks, God, for the joy of it all!

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