Friday, April 22, 2011

it's So Fwuffy!!!

We visited the Roland farm and brought Fey and Karen along. The baby animals were all born this past week, so it's pretty amazing that we got the chance to even meet these new little ones! 

Karen really wanted to catch a chicken. So she tried. 
Instead though, she settled on taking one of the chicken's fresh eggs and is now trying to make it hatch in her own home. She's literally sitting on the egg and snuggling it under warm light to make it hatch:).

We got to milk a goat-something on my personal bucket list of things to do! 
Whoot, one accomplished in my life!

I loved loved loved snuggling the little dorf lamb. She was so precious and still!

[I love this pic of me and my sweet man]

The girls got to feed the baby lambs with baby bottles! They were actually stuffing the bottles in the lambs mouths to make them eat.

Aren't they just sweet??

The Roland ladies and myself.

We took a little hike after the barn and went on a zip line. I think Karen definitely went faster and farther than i did. I weighed the line down pretty low. haha. time to get the running shoes out.
It was really a great afternoon out at the farm. Sometimes, I wonder how the heck anyone could live out in the middle of the country, but times like today with such a great family, fabulous kids, and adventurous imaginary fun, i can understand. This family was SUCH a joy to spend time with. The kids are pretty much amazing...Even little Will was fun to talk to:).

Thank you Heidi and James and kids for your hospitality and letting a few city folk enjoy country living for an afternoon!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

looooved these pictures!!! looks like so much fun. and those lambs are soooo cute!