Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is "Princess Belle"
& I was 
"Princess Aurora"
She and I went on an outing to practice being princesses: That included doing our nails, saving servant girls from mean kings that ruled the land, and picking our BEAUTIFUL princess dresses from our giant collection of Princess dresses that we had in our beautiful castle...

"Lily, would you rather be a Princess Barbie or a Mermaid Barbie?"
"A PRINCESS barbie!!"
"Really? why?"
"Because I don't wanna be half whale!!!"
after getting her ice cream cone, the lady at the counter pointed at lily and said, "She is SO cute."
Lily walks away with her ice cream cone and whispered, "That lady said I was cute!!!"
"but, lily, are you cute?"
"Well, YES, I'm cute!"
hahaha, it was really too cute.

What a splendid outing for two princesses to go on! 
(Anne, your little girl was so sweet to spend time with! Love your kiddos!  Thank you for letting the Princesses get together!:))

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