Sunday, April 10, 2011

first tornado warning...

I've never experienced a tornado warning before. This was my first here in iowa! 
We quickly packed our bags, grabbed shelter and made our way to the basement...
actually, erase all that. 

We live in the basement apartment, so we actually didn't have to do any fleeing, packing, or freaking. we were already ready...i guess, we're always ready, since we're down here. 
So, instead, we made ourselves cozy down in our little cave and watched a couple movies together, while i graded  homework and packed eggs.


I'm still preparing for this easter egg hunt outreach. I'm getting excited as the time get closer...wish i had a planning crew for this; that'd be nice and I don't think I'd feel so pressured. I just want things to go well and that the kids will recieve the gospel message clearly. I'm so excited for this opportunity though!!! So many of the kids are have already planned who they are bringing to join them; so double our zaokids to hear the full gospel presentation:).

I tested out one of the treats inside the egg, and claimed one of these fun bunny teeth for myself! the treats are kinda fun and colorful and happy! 

think they'll like them? they make a buzzing noise when you breath in and out.

this is an interesting set of easter eggs that were donated-and they were pre-stuffed! The smiling animals on top of the tattoos are from the Noah's Ark set of eggs. This little yellow chick is a "Rocker Chicks" egg. 

Almost there! Still more planning and stuffin' and praying and posting for this egg hunt:)

happy Sunday, ya'll!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you're goofy.
or rather bugs bunny.
miss you!