Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break package

1. The Hunger Games - My sisters, ilene and Ashley recommended this book to me and I've always wanted to read it. It finally became available at the library yesterday, so i grabbed it up and now looking forward to curling up on the couch to read it.

2. Hush Hush- heard this is the new "Twilight." Let's see if it even competes:) Heard great things about this book, so after Hunger Games this will be my next book.

3. Anyone ever watch the Faerie Tale Theatre videos? Ilene and I would always borrow these videos when we were kids, so when I saw this at the library in Dvd form, i got all excited and practically jumped up and down. Hansel and Gretel as always been one of my most favorite fairy tales, so I begged my hubby to sit down on the couch and watch it with me:) He's a good man-haha.

4. I finally went out and got a planner. I had tried for a couple years to get my life straight by putting my schedule on the phone; however, it was not always convenient to pull my phone out and type stuff in. So I'm gonna do it the old fashion way. I actually love pulling out my planner and penciling things in-a tad bit of organization in my life;)

5 & 6. I'm Studying Proverbs again, but reading through different parts of Scripture. I got a journal because I have so many thoughts going through my head especially during quiet times and I had gotten out of the habit of journaling after moving here to Storm Lake, so I want to get back in it and record the things God is doing in my life and here in Storm Lake. 

I'm excited to get into this spring break package of things to do. I love the feeling of having time to sit and read or write and these books are all kinda calling out to me. Not to mention that it's spring break and I'm sick with a cough and cold-so this package of things to do is extra appealing to me:)

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