Thursday, April 7, 2011

nicest part of the day


after a day of,

"Ms. BB!!!!!! She said something about me!!!"
"Ms. BB! so-and-so threw HIM on the ground!"
"Ms. BB, I WANNA CHANGE my lifeblock because there is someone being mean to me!"
"I got a loose tooth MS. BB, wanna see?! SEE?!"
"Ms. BB, Nobody wants me here."
"BB, i think they said something bad about spanish!!"
"LOOK, I got 'em new shoes!!! Ms. BB look! Ms. BB. BB! BB! LOOK AT MY SHOES!"

things seem to get louder and louder and closer and closer to my face as their little faces strain upwards to get my attention.

I sometimes feel like I'm ready for an escape. To the bathroom. To the nursery. To the office. Anywhere at all to hide from all the ruckus.

Today I'm on cloud nine. It was a great great great evening with the kids, even with my name playing on repeat and the volume was on high. 
Because even with all those things still going on tonight, I felt such peace and confidence in Christ. I spent so much time in prayer for today. 
God is good.

I am so thankful!

Even with all the work I still have yet to do tonight and tomorrow first thing, I felt like snuggling up in my warm haven and blogging from my most frequent blogging spot. After a long day and my legs have died out on me, I like to come in this warm room, snuggle under the blanket, and get some blogging or work done.

where do you like to go after a nice long day?

Oh, boy, have a happy weekend!

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