Wednesday, December 29, 2010

with all the good food we've been eating...

we've gotta have a way to burn off all those calories.

Just Dance 2 has been our way of doing so. Everyone, including mom, dad, and my hubby, has been dancing our hearts out every night together. 

love this game.

[look how intense ilene and ashley get with this game.]

aren't these fun pictures? 

dancing isn't anything new to the Gamboa household. we seem to like to dance off whatever calories we had just taken in during dinner. 
it's been funny walking into the living room and seeing my manly husband breaking it down with the dances.  

the things that bring families together:) this just seems to be one of our ways. 


Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

Those pictures of your husband dancing had me crackin up!

Becca said...

this is great!
I love that you dance as a family
ha ha ha