Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas morning for the BB's

my husband and I celebrated Christmas together yesterday morning:). We wouldn't have any other time alone and we wanted to exchange our gifts to each other by ourselves:).

well, ya'll, let me introduce you to my new macbook pro! my husband totally surprised me with it-definitely wasn't expected a new MAC for Christmas. my other mac (and ibookG4) had seen it's better days, and Ryan decided it was time to get another one. 
i am loving loving loving all the features on it...especially it's photo editing tools. 

we don't get much time alone with each other, so saturday mornings are always welcome and cherished to us. not only did we get to open presents, but we got to spend that sweet time with just the two of us.
here's a pic with the Christmas presents my hubster gave me. He got me some new North face snow boots and that north face hat that's on my head in the photobooth pic on the mac.:)

my hubby loves me.
i love him.:-D

p.s. blogging with be that much more fun:)

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StephanieTJLee said...

Aww :). It's nice to have a day just for the both of you. And oh goodness, I'm so jealous of your new macbook pro!!