Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Mario - 2nd birthday of the week

we had a transformer themed 9th bday party for Damian. he was thrilled with his balloons which he promptly showed his thrill by hugging them, accidently letting them hit the ceiling with spiky bumps, and popping all three latex balloons:). oh, well.  we went to pizza hut for his birthday dinner, and every hour til 9 pm, he had a birthday present to open. (little things each hour til he got to his big gift at the end. all the little gifts were like rocket balloons, silly bands, whoopee cushion, airplane gun, etc...small items.) 

Only one each hour though, and he went crazy trying to wait for every hour;) he counted down the minutes for each hour. we went downtown for the Christmas parade, he and his sibs went shopping at Santa's secret workshop, and then we came home for more birthday celebration.

all the guys thought damian's new remote control car was awesome. all of them were laying on their belly's watching the wheels spinning and the lights flashing:) 

it was a fun birthday celebration! yay, for 9 year olds!:)

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