Thursday, August 19, 2010

one of my faves...

one of my most favorite parts of going back to Chicago,
to the city that ryan and i met in,
dated in,
and got engaged in,
(not to mention go through college and grad school),
is when we're driving into the city,
and we start seeing things like this:
and then my lil heart starts getting excited.
and we drive some more,
and we see the very first part of the Chicago skyline...
and by this point i'm squealing with happiness...
and we get closer until we're right smack down town in all it's beauty and glory!
I'm back in chi-town!
you might have to drag me away to leave this wonderfulness behind.

1 comment:

Becca said...

Aw, yayyy! You're just visiting? How nice to be back in your city.