Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mood store

i'm just in the mood to go to Urban Outfitters.
it's my all time favorite store.
I've been browsing their web page non stop this afternoon.
wishlist this.
wishlist that.
i love everything i see there.
and to be honest, i've got to be in a certain mood to go shopping.
(when i was a young'un, my mom and sister would bribe me with food to go shopping)
but i can go to an Urban any time of any day.
it's probably a good thing we don't have one within hours and hours away from here. (at least, that i'm aware of.)
otherwise, i'd be shopping with a capital SHOP.
Urban Outfitters,
your colorful colors are just so beautiful.
i want to see you! in person!
[lol. oh, well. until the next time i set foot in urban outfitters. happy middle of the week!]


Becca said...

Aw, sad that you don't have an Urban Outfitters near you...I guess there isn't a lot of shopping in Storm Lake?

AmyK said...

Confession: I've never been to Urban Outfitters. I totally would if I were ever someplace that had one.

Maarten. said...

Urban Outfitters defffs is my fav store

I've been to a couple
London, Antwerp, Hamburg
but last winter I've been to the one in Stockholm.
that place was magical.