Saturday, August 14, 2010

i'm a sucker...

...for color.

we purchased this to add to our lil place.
[via pier 1]
we are going to use it as a coffee table in our living room.
i kinda already love it.
and it was on sale.
love it even more.
i bought some pretty purple coasters:
[via pier1]
so that nothing will scratch the trunk.

our next investment will be an entertainment center.
i got my eye on this:
[via pier 1]
not sure yet, but i like the red.
i just like to dream as i piece our place together.
colorful dreams.

oh, and here's our new lil lantern.
imagine it with a big red block candle and a couple of white ones.

(if you can't tell, i'm itching to go back to our own home!!! can't be too much longer.)


Abby said...

So pretty! love the lantern. =)

kBr said...

thanks!:) i do too-i envision it with colorful candles...:) i'm excited to set up at my place:)

Mrs. Becca said...

I love the bright, popping colors, Kristine! Absolutely gorgeous:) Sean and I went for the more "modern" black-goes-with-almost-everything route, but I definitely tossed in a bright red blanket for our couch! Can't wait to see your beautiful new(ish) place, either! :)

Kristin said...

OMG, that red entertainment center is SO gorgeous! And I love the trunk you bought too!

Carson and Lindsay said...

I LOVE your design ideas! It's going to be so cozy and warm and modern and fun. You have great taste!

And yes! I finally commented! I do read, just forget to say I do!