Thursday, March 4, 2010

thought we'd be adventurous....

and stay up til midnight for a change.
but we've become old.
and midnight is taking forever to get here.

only once in a blue moon, does Storm Lake offer any midnight opening premiers.
but they are tonite! for one of my most favorite stories/movies! Alice_in_Wonderland
and we thought we'd experience something we used to be able to handle when we lived in the youthful city of Chicago.

Now however, in a town that goes dead around 8 pm, we've realized that our normal routine of a 10:30 bedtime makes it difficult to stay up til the wee hours of the night.

I think back to freshman year when midnight was the BEGINNING of the night for me and my friends...and the classroom was the place to go to sleep:).

I remember my sophomore and junior year of college, when midnight I'd just be getting home or I'd still be out babysitting or with friends. I'd start homework around midnight and stay up a few more hours talking to friends or visiting my roommate at work.

I remember my senior year, when I would stay up late in my apartment playing video games with Ryan and Ilene, and after Ryan would leave, and Ilene would go to bed, I'd still be up playing video games, watching movies, or studying. many of those nights I'd stay out babysitting as well.

I remember those wonderful hot summer nights in chicago, when I could babysit into the late/early am hours of the night, or have an overnight babysitting job...and still be able to get up happily the next morning.

I think I just like the idea of getting a good nigght's sleep is good for your health and staying fit. Tonite, however, is an exception. for this movie:
AW_Title w-Disney_w

hope it's worth it:) I think it will be. I think I'd be more excited if the theater here did not look like the one i imagine Abraham Lincoln getting murdered in. It's creepy...and being in a town of very few people at night, it creeps me out going there.
heehee, it will be fun.

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