Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Celebration:)

27th Birthday Celebration!:)
Birthday boy balloons and his favorite snacks for the day:)
He loves Nilla Wafers, Special Cheezits, v8 splash, and hot cheetos fries. the box holds fresh donuts from the local bakery.

I left notes all over the apartment for ryan to find throughout the whole day. here's an example:)

and for his birthday dinner...
steak in red wine and butter, seasoned carrots and green beans, and buttery potatoes.

It was so fun celebrating Ryan's bday. This was just a snip shot of the day. it was interesting because his day was not at all what we had hoped for, but we still enjoyed it thoroughly, because we were with each other. Right after ryan had picked me up from school, we got a flat tire in the walmart parking lot. so, thankfully, we were already right behind the auto garage. They agreed to fix it, but only after all the appointment customers. So we waited for 3 hours at walmart, going crazy because walmart is one of our LEAST favorite places, but we were happy to at least be together.

the birthday dinner was late, but I gave him the last of his gifts and birthday cobbler:). I tell you, 27 lit candles is not easy when the little flames are melting the wax so quickly. I had to speed sing happy birthday to ryan:) haha.

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ilene joyce said...

aw, kristine...that is so sweet!!! you are such a good wife and best friend to ryan. :)
miss you both!!!